Get to Know JR Automation’s New Holland Facility in Holland, MI

Posted: February 6, 2024

Our team has over 2,000 talented employees at over 20 locations in the United States, Asia, and Europe. While each location works together as one to meet the needs of our customers, every facility has a unique team and culture. 

Get an insider's glimpse of our New Holland Street facility located in Michigan! 

Key Facts about the New Holland Street Facility

  • Where: 12688 New Holland St. Holland, MI 
  • Who: 120 talented team members 
  • Manufacturing: 80,200 sq. ft. of production space 


Capabilities of JR Automation’s New Holland Location 

The team at the New Holland facility has a wide range of experience designing and integrating automation systems for a variety of industries. However, they have unique experience with automating the process of radio-frequency welding (RF welding). 

RF welding, or high-frequency welding, is an advanced plastic welding technique that employs high-frequency electric fields to heat and melt plastic materials. This type of welding is used for materials containing polar molecular construction like PVC and Polyurethanes. RF welding can be used to make strong seams without using adhesives. Some examples of products that may use high-frequency welding in their manufacturing process include medical IV or blood bags, floatation devices, tank liners, and more. 


Creating a Collaborative and Fun Environment 

With a mix of generations, hobbies, and experiences, the team at the JR Automation New Holland facility has created a collaborative space that allows for a wealth of ideas to be shared between team members. 
Their focus is on following a well-defined process, followed by a strong attention to detail and a constant drive to improve their methods for achieving goals. They often drive continuous improvement by communicating in ways that promote constructive debates to challenge the status quo. Like all JR Automation leadership, the team is open, supportive, and always ready to offer encouragement. 

In addition to prioritizing strong and open communication, the team at our New Holland facility values the importance of having fun. Celebrations within the team frequently involve food. Whether the event is for the holidays, a staff member milestone, or the successful completion of significant projects, food is an essential element.  

To foster team bonding, they have established a club known affectionately as the "Fun Club"! The Fun Club organizes various activities to engage team members including costume and pumpkin decorating contests during Halloween, candy jar guessing games, disc golf and ping pong tournaments, and much more. 

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