Robotic Automation for Aerospace
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The Impact of Automation for Aerospace

The Impact of Automation for Aerospace
The aerospace industry faces unique challenges given the size and complexities of components, which often result in manufacturers being years late to the market. As a result, the industry is poised to experience an outsized benefit from the application of the wide range of Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities that are becoming more accessible. JR Automation’s digital solutions capabilities can be incorporated into your existing systems to apply these technologies for benefits that include:  

  • Reduced downtime as a result of sensors that inspect and catalog data on machines that can be used to prescribe preventative maintenance schedules 
  • Transparency into the inefficiencies that are bogging down your production by enabling your ERP, MES, SCADA, and PLC/HMI systems to communicate and share information 
  • Easier supply chain management with live data feeding, and handled with automated picking and sorting systems 
  • Better warehouse management with vision systems that track supplies as they move through your facilities, improving inventory control 
  • Improved customer service - enabled by syncing manufacturing data with your customer relationship management tools to track deliveries, capture customer feedback and more 
  • Smoother scheduling with production schedules and resource planning fed by real-time production data 
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We design and build innovative manufacturing solutions for leading OEM and Tier 1 and 2 companies in the commercial aerospace and defense markets. With secure facilities and network systems around the globe, a focus on leading-edge thinking and on-time delivery, we are your trusted partner for avionics and military manufacturing projects.

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Advanced Applications
Designing the future
Our Advanced Applications team works to make the previously impossible, possible. Whether exploring blue-sky concepts or collaborating with customers to identify new approaches to complex challenges, the R&D efforts of our Advanced Applications Lab have produced breakthrough solutions in welding, dispensing, vision systems, robotics, and more. From feasibility testing and proof of concept to process and prototype development, we have the team, the skills, and the experience to take your far-out vision and make it reality.
Wing Skin Topology Verification
The objective was to come up with a solution that is able to verify that the complex milled surface and thickness of jumbo jet wing skins meet manufacturing tolerances. Bowing of less than 2 inches is allowable, but accuracy better than 0.02 inches must be maintained in a factory environment with large temperature swings. The skins can be 10 feet tall by 110 feet long and vary in thickness between 0.25 and 2 inches.

Technical Capabilities Involed:

  • software data integration
  • micro precision applications
  • inspection testing
Wing Skin Topology Verification
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Project Management
Delivering results
Our Project Execution Process (PEP) uses a proprietary phase gate approach to managing and delivering automation solutions. This advanced methodology keeps our global teams in sync, improves project planning, enables effective scaling, and ensures we're always learning and improving from our experience. Applied alongside our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System, this process facilitates effective collaboration and keeps cross-functional product development data unified and integrated into downstream manufacturing systems. Bottom line: we have the people, processes, and systems in place to deliver excellence—every time.
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