We're excited to announce that, effective 8/3/2021, we have united our five divisional brands – JR Automation, Esys Automation, Setpoint, FSA Technologies and PSB Technologies – under the singular corporate identity of JR Automation.

Our new global website unifies our technology offerings and expertise from each of our divisions into a single solution for customers, partners, and job seekers to learn more about who we are and what we do.

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PSB Technologies

PSB Technologies works with multinational companies from various industries to help them achieve success through turnkey automation solutions, including medical devices and consumer electronics.

PSB Technologies works with multinational companies from various industries to help them achieve success through turnkey automation solutions, including medical devices, consumer electronics and precision engineering. We’re a leading provider of automation solutions in Southeast Asia. We have an unrivaled track record of providing innovative factory automation solutions to numerous companies. We pride ourselves on enabling global companies to seize opportunities and realize new ideas through viable manufacturing solutions.


PSB Technologies offers a broad portfolio of services to improve performance, precision and productivity. Our systems are easy to deploy, simple to manage and are highly cost-effective. Our customers can maintain a consistently high quality and output through our customized solutions, reduce human error, and overcome worker turnover issues.


PSB Technologies offers an extensive range of value-added services:

  • Design and build customized high-precision mechatronic assembly equipment that is reliable and able to meet CE or NRTL requirements
  • Guidance in making automation decision through comprehensive automation feasibility studies
  • Build-to-print equipment and design improvements
  • Lending our expertise and experiences in the localization of your machine
  • Upgrades and comprehensive maintenance contracts that we tailor to your needs
Using fully automated and high-speed production lines, our solutions can assemble medical devices such as single-use syringes, vials, testing kits, hearing aids, and more. Our customers have increased throughput and increased quality and repeatability with custom solutions. Our expertise in material handling, dispense applications, vision, and conveyance helps our customers in the medical and life sciences industry take their production to the next level.
Luer Set Assembly
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Consumer electronics assembly requires precision and repeatability. Our automation solutions have helped one of our electronics customers improve their quality inspection and identify defects in their electronic wafer manufacturing processes. In addition, we've integrated laser cutters and circuit curing ovens for diverse industries and end markets.
As parts and processes become smaller and more complex, automation and tooling solutions must become more precise and accurate. Fortunately, our engineers can design and install successful and practical applications.
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since 1982
PSB technologies
Since our establishment, PSB Technologies' primary goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers and help them achieve success through automation. Established in 1982, our predecessor, the Systems and Automation Centre (SAC), began supplying reliable and innovative automated manufacturing solutions. Our first innovations were the orifice attach machine for a major inkjet cartridge manufacturer in 1993 and in-line buffer units in 2000. In 2007, SAC was restructured to form an independent legal entity named PSB Technologies. In 2017, JR Automation acquired Doerfer Corporation's automation systems group, including PSB Technologies. Now, we're a global network across North America, Europe, and Asia, providing manufacturing automation solutions for a range of industries.
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“The acquisition of these businesses will solidify JR Automation’s position as a global leader in creating automated solutions, enabling us to better serve the needs of all of our customers,” JR Automation Chairman and CEO Mike DuBose says. “In addition to increasing our presence in North America, this acquisition will extend JR’s footprint into Europe and Asia, further diversifying the end-markets and geographies we serve. Combining our operations, customer relationships, and complementary areas of expertise will further establish us as a global leader in industrial automation and robotics systems integration.”
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