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Brake Valve Assembly & Test Systems
A customer needed our JR team to produce anti-lock brake cartridge valves at a high speed, over 1000 good parts per hour net rate, yet with a system flexible enough to re-tool later for product design changes.

Technical Capabilities Involed:

  • contract manufacturing
  • assembly solutions
  • material handling solutions
  • software data integration
  • inspection testing
Brake Valve Assembly & Test Systems
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Chris McIlroy
Chris and his team create awesome, cost-effective solutions for our customers
I like the types of projects or challenges where our customers come to us and say, "This has never been done before. Can you help us?" Absolutely, we can! We have such a talented team, and will pull in the correct subject matter expert into the discussion—no matter where they may be located—to help solve the problem and create an awesome, cost-effective solution for our customers.
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