Turnkey Models

Standard Automation Products

Whether you're looking for a custom solution or a turnkey model, our engineers will design a solution to meet your company's needs.
When speed to market is critical in today’s ultra-competitive global environment, the new FlexChassis® modular automation platform gives you the power to succeed faster. It minimizes up-front system concepting, design and build time and gives you unmatched flexibility for high-speed, high-volume assembly in almost any industry.
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The SmartAttach® Automated Nutplate Installation System integrates centering, drilling, lubrication, countersinking, and riveting operations in a single machine. You can cut nutplate attachment times by at least 60% while greatly improving precision and repeatability for rivet and center holes. It also brings you IoT capabilities for intelligent monitoring and process management.

JR Automation’s Semiconductor Substrate Panel Handling EFEMs are the ideal front-end solution for handling Copper Core, Glass Core and Glass Panels for process modules dedicated to production of High Density Interconnect substrate for semiconductor packages.

Also referred to as Panel Handling LOT Sorters or Panel Loaders/Unloaders, these EFEMs are compliant with SEMI standards and other standards relevant to your products and the requirements of semiconductor manufacturers. They are customizable to meet your specific needs and can handle up to 600 x 600 mm substrate panels.

Rotary Indexer Platform

The Rotary Indexer Platform can be custom tooled to accelerate project schedules in many industries. The Rotary Indexer Platform is a positioning device designed to maximize project performance. It is a cost-effective assembly base capable of adapting to applications across industries, with a concentration in healthcare, consumer products, and electronics. Dedicated controls on each platform provide the ability to build, test, and operate as stand-alone units of automation. These units permit smaller process groups to be created and removed as necessary.


  • Healthcare-industry-grade stainless steel guard system ideal for sterile environments
  • Meets Class 10,000/ISO 7 design standards
  • Compact design requires minimal floor space
  • Flexible platform can be tooled for a variety of different applications

JR Automation provides customers with our innovative platform of depalletizer and palletizer solutions for totes, cases, and pails that can run 24/7. Our expertise in four-axis and six-axis robotics, conveyance, gantry platforms, and vision can help complete a variety of tasks.

Standard Tray Loader

The Standard Tray Loader increases production efficiency while keeping parts secure. Perfect for parts that cannot go through a vibratory feed, the Standard Tray Loader smoothly loads and unloads trays of a standardized size. Its small footprint and adaptable platform allows it to integrate into any size and any type of operation.
The robotic unload can continue to operate while trays are manually loaded and unloaded by an operator. This boosts productivity and lowers operation costs.


  • Healthcare-industry-grade stainless steel guard system ideal for sterile environments
  • Meets Class 10,000/ISO 7 design standards
  • Compact design for easy integration
  • Adaptable, easily pairs with JR Automation’s Rotary Indexer Platform
RFSS Robotic Sortation System

WHAT IF you could cut miles of conveyance and several hundred thousand square feet of fulfillment building floor space? Could you locate that facility closer to your customers? The RFSS Robotic Sortation System can help you make that happen.

This ground-breaking sorting system eliminates the labor of singulating and consolidating consumer orders, removing the need to convey multiple orders for singulation and then convey product further for final consolidation.  Round, cylindrical, soft, hard, thin, thick or heavy – as long as your product can fit in our flexibly sized tray, we can sort it for you.

WHAT IF we told you the RFSS robotic sorting system was so flexible that it can sort anywhere from 500 to 1500 products per hour, occupying only 300 to 850 square feet of floor space?  A single RFSS module can be installed into existing conveyor and/or putwall environments and you’ll see your labor steps, touches and costs drop immediately.

WHAT IF you had an automation system that could sort everything?

Global Welding Platform Standard H-Frame Weld Cell

The Standard H-Frame Weld Cell has a short lead time and quick installation to get welding processes automated in no time. The Standard H-Frame Weld Cell is a robotic welding platform designed to increase productivity, reduce operation costs, and improve manufacturing quality. After installation, the equipment is ready for immediate use in a number of industries such as aerospace, automotive, and heavy equipment. The cell is built for GMAW applications and, with a few alterations and additional equipment, can also handle RSW and laser welding or cutting.


  • Multiple bed sizes and pay loads
  • Multiple control packages offered
  • Multiple robot configurations offered: up to 4 robots total (bridge-mounted and/or floor-mounted)
  • Compatible with any brand of robot or welding power supply
Stud/Nut Weld Machine

JR Automation’s new turnkey module for stud and nut welding provides an affordable and flexible solution to automate your welding operation. Ideal for less complicated welding operations, the Stud/Nut Weld Machine can be a stand alone unit or integrated into a larger system. Its small footprint allows it to fit easily into any size operation. Flexible feed stamped metal parts allow an operator to load parts quickly so they can operate multiple machines or complete other tasks.