Lifecycle Management

Modernization and Small Projects

Audit, Inspection, and Testing

Our Modernization engineers conduct a systematic analysis of your equipment. We want to understand the condition of the whole system and its components to find any mechanical, physical, and electrical issues. We identify potential components or areas for improvement, whether they are near the end of their lives or obsolete. Our engineers compile the data and create recommendations for improvements, such as industrial repairs, refurbishments, replacements, or upgrades to extend the life of your system. Following the inspection, our team presents their findings and provides a comprehensive strategic plan.  

JR Automation’s Modernization and Small Project Team

After our data collection and analysis phase, we deliver our list of recommendations and work with you to determine the best options for your business. Our recommendations can vary from simple adjustments to a complete replacement with an upgraded system. The Modernization team focuses on optimizing your system for increased availability and throughput. Our strategic approach can even reduce your lifetime investment in upkeep and repair.


Our automation repair service programs include:


  • Equipment replacement
  • Equipment refurbishment
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Line moves
  • Small projects
  • Tooling and design changes
Project Management, Installation, Commissioning, and Acceptance

JR Automation is with you every step of the way. Once you have determined the best option for your system, we will manage the project through every phase: design engineering, sourcing components, installation, and acceptance testing. Our team of project managers, engineers, and installation personnel understand that production is king. We provide a detailed schedule with constant communications of progress to ensure integration and go-live occur without any surprises or unplanned downtime.

How often are you repairing your robots? Have you considered upgrading to new robots? Our team of experts will help you make the decision that's best for your business by recommending refurbishment and replacement options.


Reasons for upgrading a robot:


  • Sometimes it makes more sense to replace an older robot with a new one based solely on cost.
  • Replacing a robot allows for less downtime on your line. In many cases, we can come in over the weekend to have a production line running by the Monday morning shift with a brand-new robot.
  • A new robot may allow for greater efficiency or cycle time reduction.
  • A full manufacturer's warranty applies.


Connect with us to discuss our competitive pricing options and let our team analyze your system and help you determine if a new robot is a cost-effective solution.

Our service engineers can offer an affordable approach to integrating robots into automation processes by refurbishing out-of-service robots. With your approval, our service engineers refurbish the robot, then test it rigorously to ensure it's safe, fully operational, and ready for use.


Our refurbishment and testing services include:


  • Mechanical issues and functionality
  • Missing, broken, or worn components
  • System fault recovery
  • Electrical issues and functionality
  • Software issues
  • Aesthetics
  • Safely powering up the robot and controller
  • Perform repeatability tests
  • Backlash observation on each axis
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