A Proprietary Project Process Designed with You In Mind

JR Automation’s proprietary Project Execution Process (PEP) is the foundation to building long-lasting partnerships with our customers. From streamlined communications, to quality checks, our team works closely with you to keep you informed at every stage of your project.

The engineering experts at JR Automation approach our work with you as a consulting partner, offering our expertise and experience at every phase. Our standard PEP process allows us to move nimbly and efficiently (despite our global size and scale) in the execution of projects that solve manufacturers’ key operational and productivity challenges with robust, custom-designed solutions.

While automating your current operations can seem overwhelming, you can rely on JR Automation as your trusted partner. From complex integrations between existing and new machines to implementing digital solutions, we’ve done it all. Our expert teams will work with you to ensure you are involved throughout the entire process. Our PEP is built on decades of experience with hundreds of automation projects that help us to anticipate and resolve potential challenges to keep everything on schedule.


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The JR Automation Process

The JR Automation Process
Project Management
Delivering results
Our Project Execution Process (PEP) uses a proprietary phased approach to managing and delivering engineered to order automation solutions. It was designed to keep our global teams in sync, improve project planning, enable effective scaling, and ensure we're always learning and improving from our experience. The JR Automation Project Execution Process sets us apart by providing significant project planning details while offering great adaptability– and has proven success time and time again. Bottom line: we have the people, processes, and systems in place to deliver excellence—every time.

About the project execution process

When customers choose JR Automation, they can be assured their robotics integration project will be managed with excellence from start to completion.

Our Project Execution Process (or PEP) keeps projects on track through all the major stages of execution. It ensures all stakeholders have clear responsibilities and timelines, and aligns internal and external resources for project execution anywhere in the world.

No matter which JR Automation division a customer is working with worldwide, every project works the same Project Execution Process.  Most projects pass through 50 or more deliverables to completion which is why the PEP process is intentionally flexible and customer-centric. 

Every JR Automation project team uses our internal guidance tool, the Tollgate Workbook, to assemble the appropriate process steps and deliverables. As a result:

  • We can deliver superior up-front project definitions,
  • Problem identification and resolution is easier, 
  • Changes are managed more effectively, and
  • We’re able to flexibly manage innovative projects with complex requirements
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Throughout projects, we employ reliable processes for risk assessment and mitigation informed by our experience in hundreds of industries. The result is successful project completion  using only the necessary resources.  

JR Automation can meet the most sophisticated requirements and procedures for Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). Our teams help customers achieve the right acceptance goals without the need for third-party resources. 

Globally, our PEP process seamlessly integrates external resources through our relationships with hundreds of local vendors for system build, transport, installation and start-up; all under our direct supervision.  

Customers quickly come to appreciate the level of detail and accountability our PEP process brings to the table. It builds trust, customer engagement, and repeat business. Our PEP process sets us apart with its detail, adaptability, and record of success for customers and for us.





The Project Execution Process has countless benefits for both the JR Automation team and the customers we partner with, but three of the most significant include:

Consistency Across Projects

For JR Automation, no single project is like any other. Each project is unique, because each customer’s needs are unique. That means reconciling a substantial degree of complexity across industries, technologies, software platforms, requirements and more. The PEP strikes a balance between structure and flexibility so our systems and teams can communicate effectively. Bottom line - no matter what your hardware or software preferences are - we can integrate it all. 

Auditing and Quality Assurance

Developing manufacturing automation solutions that are capable of integrating with a variety of machineries and software involves a great deal of complexity and intricacies. Our PEP serves as an internal audit at every stage of the design and build by compelling us to pause as we move between stages to catch the little details that will ensure the final system performs exactly as promised.

A Unified Experience 

As JR Automation has grown, our Project Execution Process has allowed us to rapidly integrate new team members and skill sets  into the organization. As a result, our customers can expect the same outstanding experience no matter their industry, and no matter which of our 20+ global locations they interact with.

Lifelong Partnerships

Another important benefit JRA and its customers derive from the Project Execution Process is a long-lasting partnership that allows us to regularly engage to provide support as the years go by. A well-formed solution should last years - sometimes even decades - and the way we work pushes us to design for the long-term and be ready to step in as an extension of your team when it comes time for modernization or refurbishment.

Insurance for You the Customer 

The tollgate processes we build into every engineer to order solution we propose are your insurance policy that the solution JR Automation creates will (1) be delivered on time, (2) will cost what you were quoted, and (3) will work exactly as promised the first time it’s implemented on your plant floor. Decades of experience have taught us these periods of review are absolutely essential to avoid costly delays and rework later on.

We’ll Help You Communicate With Your Team 

One of the unsung benefits of the PEP is that everyone on your team will know exactly what the solution will deliver, exactly what is needed from them, and exactly where the project stands at all times. You’ll never be caught in the dark during a quarterly meeting when asked for a project update.

What Our Customers Say
Our customers appreciate our rigorous commitment to communication about all aspects of a project during all phases of the process. You’ll never wonder what is going on, or worry about what your role in review and approval might be. They also prize our willingness to seek out and leverage shared resources with other partners. When they have an opportunity to work alongside our teams, our customers find that our expert engineers are valued consulting partners who are available as needed even after solutions are up and running.
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