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JR Automation has the scale, diverse experience and engineering expertise to design and build the right automation solution to meet our customer’s specific needs. Our multi-disciplined engineering team works together to create innovative systems that save time, money, and transform manufacturing operations.

We are problem solvers. When a project is complicated, demanding, and requires custom processes, our team is there to help you with a solution. We understand the details, and we sweat the small stuff. No matter what technology or software you’re invested in, our team can develop a solution for your production needs.


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Our Expertise
Engineering Expertise to Meet Your Needs
Our diverse engineering experience across a wide range of industries saves your organization time and money on concept and development. Our partnership approach with our customers ensures we meet expectations --every time.
Engineering Expertise

We have a deep bench of controls engineers, electrical engineers, applications engineers, software engineers, and mechanical engineers to meet your unique project requirements. 

Our people are our most important asset. JR Automation engineers are supported with the tools and resources they need to do their best work. Additionally, we believe in continuing education - from growing our own pipeline of engineers from local universities to cross-training our tenured team members. Due to our commitment to our people, many of our engineers have been with us for 20+ years.

With centralized process ownership, support and tools we are able to scale best practices throughout the organization. As a result, we’ve been able to scale exponentially while still delivering the high quality experience our customers deserve with every project.





Applications Engineering

At the outset of an engagement with our customers, our applications engineers listen closely to your goals and needs to outline the key concept points, sequence of operations and mechanical descriptions to ultimately create custom, innovative and integrated solutions.

Controls Engineering

Our controls engineers are responsible for integrating some of the most state of the art robotics & technology available. In addition to designing, implementing and documenting controls systems, they are adept at programming, debugging, and troubleshooting. 

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers are involved through many phases of a solution by designing, developing, and testing machinery and systems to meet customer specifications.

Specialty Engineering

We have a variety of specialty engineers to ensure quality and long-term maintenance for your systems. Our specialty engineers help with everything from safety and simulation to FDA validation and welding.

Software Engineering

The design and development of MES/SCADA solutions are handled by our software engineers, a versatile and experienced group who are able to integrate any systems your company works with.

ITAR certified facility
RIA certified integrator
Authorized FANUC system integrator
Authorized ABB integrator
Yaskawa Premier Partner
ria-certified Robot Integrator
Our Engineering and Design Processes

We do our best work when our engineers can be involved from the ground floor of a project, partnering with you to help you think through the best solution for your business.

After the initial quote and order acceptance, our commitment to you is that you'll work with the same engineering and build team throughout the process from mechanical design through controls. Unlike other companies where your only point of contact might be a project manager, your experts will have direct access to our team when working through the details on a solution.

From there, our process follows a similar path - prescribed by our Project Execution Process - that allows us to respond to risks early and avoid common pitfalls:

  • Concept and Quote: in this phase, you’ll primarily work with our leadership, sales, and applications engineers to concept and design your solution based on your requirements.
  • Development and Build: starting with the development phase, our engineers will design your system according to the concepts agreed upon during quoting. Once approved, our technicians will start the build, integration, and mechanical assembly of your equipment. During this time, your team will work closely with ours to ensure your exact specifications are met.
  • Testing and Sign Off: as assembly is completed, debugging and testing begins. We will work with your team on final acceptance testing before shipment to your facility.
  • Shipment and Installation: once approvals are met, your solution will be torn down and shipped to your facility where a team of our builders, electricians, and engineers will install your system.
  • Lifecycle Management: after your solution is implemented, our lifecycle management team can help you design a support program that's right for you. From provisioning and sourcing spare/replacement parts to training to 24/7 customer support (remote or on-site) we can help ensure your system continues to run smoothly.





Engineering Support at JR Automation


Simulation Engineering

During the design of your system, our simulation engineers use simulation software to validate the mechanical design of your solution to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, machine simulation is utilized to verify all safety requirements are met. Once machine simulation is verified, our engineers export the design to discrete simulation software in order to tie all individual stations together. This process allows identify bottlenecks early on, promotes cross-department collaboration, review OEE validation, and much more to ensure all issues are taken care of in design and built, not on your plant floor.

Engineering for Safety

Planning for safety in your automation systems is critical to keeping your employees and systems safe. Our safety engineers go through extensive training and certification programs to ensure all standards and requirements are met. Starting with a safety audit, our teams assess all risks to identify any issues that could arise. Then, they design and implement proper safety measures to ensure the most effective protection for your employees. 

Welding Lab

The JR Automation Weld Lab provides our engineers a place to design, test, and prototype welding solutions for our customers. It allows for collaboration with customers to ensure we are meeting their specifications right at our facilities. 

Advanced Applications Lab

The JR Automation Advanced Applications Lab provides an operational center for our engineers to prototype and prove out custom solutions. At JR Automation, we are passionate about developing the right solutions for our customers. We have a dedicated area for our engineering teams to try innovative techniques to your unique and challenging applications. JR Automation engineers will research and create inventive processes and applications that drive industry success.

Our expertise includes:

  • Feasibility testing
  • Advanced automated process development
  • Proof of concept
  • Prototype development
  • Consulting


Why JR Automation Excels at Engineering and Design Services


Manufacturing has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few decades, and increased innovation comes with increased complexity. When you bring an automation partner, they need to be well-versed in an array of technologies, software, and machinery - as well as capable of adapting to emerging approaches.

Among the many requirements to do automation integration well, a few stand out:



At JR Automation, we pride ourselves on being agnostic to technology and software - we can work with whatever platforms you’re invested in to integrate automation solutions.


Our engineers follow our proprietary Project Execution Process (PEP) and are constantly growing their skill bases so that they can create the right solution for every client - no matter what parameters need to be adhered to.

Processes also help JR Automation remain efficient and on-schedule in our designs - from vault revision control setting through digital redlining.

Training and Tools

We support our engineers by investing in their continuing education and cross-training teams so that they can participate at many levels in the process. 



Project Management
Delivering results
Our Project Execution Process (PEP) uses a proprietary phase gate approach to managing and delivering automation solutions. This advanced methodology keeps our global teams in sync, improves project planning, enables effective scaling, and ensures we're always learning and improving from our experience. Applied alongside our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System, this process facilitates effective collaboration and keeps cross-functional product development data unified and integrated into downstream manufacturing systems. Bottom line: we have the people, processes, and systems in place to deliver excellence—every time.
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