We're excited to announce that, effective 8/3/2021, we have united our five divisional brands – JR Automation, Esys Automation, Setpoint, FSA Technologies and PSB Technologies – under the singular corporate identity of JR Automation.

Our new global website unifies our technology offerings and expertise from each of our divisions into a single solution for customers, partners, and job seekers to learn more about who we are and what we do.



Setpoint has decades of experience in designing, engineering, and installing robotics systems and custom amusement attractions. We use our creativity to innovate world-first amusement attractions, and we use our decades of engineering experience to integrate robotics systems for the defense and ammunition industry.
genius within
Our Vision for Amusement
We collectively apply hundreds of thousands of experienced hours to each unique project. Our expertise delivering reliable, safe and operationally dependable amusement experiences is what we call the Genius Within. It means working closely with our customers and partners to collectively create genius through creativity, intelligence, perseverance, hard work and meeting promises. Our contribution is 160 combined years of engineering and manufacturing experience, having created over 80 attractions worldwide, and many attractions being world-first and one-of-a-kind.
JR Automation  Amusement ride

The Genius Within

The Genius Within
custom attractions
We create world-first, one-of-a-kind attractions that evoke an emotional and life-changing experience for riders. We have a proven track record of delivering custom rides and innovative Custom Attractions to the top theme parks of the world. We leverage our experience with heavy-duty motion bases, show-action equipment, and custom coasters to immerse riders into the thrill of flight, driving, or experiencing popular attractions with their own senses.
heavy-duty motion base
Our heavy-duty motion base (HDMB) is built to exceed the highest operational up-time. With a class-leading payload allowance, the three degrees of freedom (3-DoF) HDMB is a must-have for modern-day parks. Perfect for a highly themed cabin or a tour bus turned into a motion show on your property, the HDMB is sure to leave both guests and your operations team smiling.
over the top attractions
Over-the-Top racing coasters deliver the rider and market new and exciting features, and an over-the-top experience, unlike anything they have ridden before. Setpoint’s Over-the-Top Dueling Coaster offers a vertical track design that delivers unrivaled family thrills with maneuvers not possible with standard track design. This first-to-market experience and an exciting dueling option provide theme parks and attractions with new marketing opportunities.
show action equipment
Our Show-action Equipment takes lifting, animating, and projecting rides to the next level. Setpoint specializes in working with your ideas and themes to combine show action sets with ride systems. These heavy-duty and highly reliable solutions enhance your creative team’s ability to produce unique shows while keeping the attractions safe and exciting for riders of all ages.
swing thing systems
The award-winning Swing Thing coaster gives riders of all ages an exhilaratingly smooth flying sensation as they pivot front-to-back and side-to-side in a dampened experience that eliminates the jerks and pops of traditional suspended coasters. This unique design allows riders’ feet to dangle freely as they rush over hills, down drops and around turns on an original coaster unlike any other.
lean automation
Custom Automation Solutions
Setpoint Systems is a full-service lean automation engineering company that specializes in the design, build, and controls programming of turn-key custom automation solutions created to precisely meet each customer’s specifications and needs.
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Ammunition
  • Medical devices
  • Packaging
  • Clean energy storage
  • Amusement

U.S. manufacturers are searching for ways to remain competitive and lower costs in their respective markets. Setpoint offers automated solutions that integrate robots into custom automation equipment. As an authorized FANUC robotics integrator, Setpoint has successfully integrated single and multiple large- and small-scale robots. Due to the diverse nature of robots, integration in a variety of areas is made possible.


Incorporating lean automation functionality is the standard practice on projects by Setpoint. Our engineers design machines knowing there will be defective parts that need to be rejected prior to the next test, inspection or assembly process. Before parts are ever introduced into the process, they can be checked for the right color, orientation, and size. If they don’t pass, they are not allowed onto the machine. If during the process a part is found to be defective, the work-in-progress software will track the specific part and ensure the bad part is confined to a non-compliant materials box.


Setpoint’s unique position in this antiquated industry is developing lean manufacturing practices that facilitate quick changeover between calibers, helping you respond to your customer’s changing requirements. Our machines are the only systems using computer technology and servo actuated presses in this industry.

since 1992
For 26 years Setpoint Inc. has shown the world how much fun engineers can have. Setpoint has helped to implement lean manufacturing into some of the most exciting industries in the world, including thrilling amusement park rides, high-powered ammunition equipment, and exotic automobiles. Setpoint is the leader in custom automation equipment for manufacturing companies who need to assemble, test, or inspect their products. In addition, Setpoint Systems has helped manufacturers large and small improve the way they make and distribute goods. Our customers spend less to produce more and end up leading their industries in innovation, profit, and growth. And because we wrote the book on project management, we’re the industry’s fastest and best positioned to finish any custom automation project under budget.
"The Joes" Legacy
“The Joes,” as they are affectionately known, wanted to build a company that was more than just another engineering house. Based on failures with a previous employer, they were determined to build Setpoint on a strict project management foundation. The Joes wanted their company to maintain a continuous understanding of where it stood in relation to its customers’ budget.
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