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The customer's current assembly technology was no longer sufficient. In order to accommodate new part designs and increase the speed and quality of production, JR designed and built an enhanced precision fuel injector assembly system. Each injector consisted of almost twenty small parts. The challenge was taking existing assembly technology and enhancing that to accommodate new configurations required by a European auto manufacturer. External dimensions, internal components assembly, and performance specifications were changes that the manufacturer sought from the team’s new design.

Technical Capabilities Involed:

  • vision applications
  • inspection testing
  • material handling solutions
  • assembly solutions
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Sami is amazed to see our projects come to life
When I first started here, I was amazed by all of the innovative projects that were coming to life in front of me. Everyone at JR Automation works together to find solutions—project-related and otherwise. We're always looking out for one another. Even as we have grown we continue to keep that teamwork culture alive. We know there is work to do, but we always find ways to have fun with it.
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