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High Throughput Piston Inspection
Running one shift a day, with a throughput rate of 1,400 pistons an hour, it was not possible for the customer to conduct detailed quality inspections on all their products. Because of increased quality mandates from their end-users, a high-throughput inspection system was necessary to detect manufacturing defects.

Technical Capabilities Involed:

  • micro precision applications
  • vision applications
  • robotics integration
  • material handling solutions
  • inspection testing
High Throughput Piston Inspection
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Robyn Gordon, Employee Development and Internal Communications Manager
Robyn and her team lean into challenges
I’m inspired every day by my teammates and the way they lean into challenges. I think it’s one of the key reasons our customers like working with us, and what keeps them coming back. Customers know they can count on us as a manufacturing partner who won't give up and always has their best interests at heart.
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