Maximize the ROI of Your Equipment with Lifecycle Management Services

Posted: December 29, 2023

Proper maintenance of your automation equipment can extend its life, in turn leading to a greater ROI from your systems. When it comes to selecting an automation solution, many businesses overlook the benefits of maintenance and training programs. From reducing downtime through planned maintenance and on-site support, to increasing efficiency with parts inventory programs, having a proper maintenance program in place will maximize the ROI of your automation investment. 

Working with an experienced automation support team, like JR Automation’s Lifecyle Management team, will ensure you maximize the performance and reliability of your equipment. Through designing custom maintenance programs, offering support through product launch, and training your teams, our knowledgeable support team will help you get the most out of your automation systems. 

Learn more about four ways the Lifecycle Management team can help you make the most out of your investment.  


Training is a crucial component to the success of your automated equipment. Guaranteeing your staff are trained and understand how to fix issues is going to be critical.  

Training cells, along with courses in robotics, PLCs, and preventative maintenance are simple ways to get started. If your operations require unique training programs, working with an integrator that has knowledge in many different areas can be beneficial. JR Automation’s Lifecycle Management team can work closely with you to develop a training program that matches your needs.  


General and preventative maintenance is essential to protecting your investment in automated equipment. Like people taking vitamins or going to the doctor for yearly checkups, equipment needs regular well checks to make sure everything is functioning properly. If an issue comes up it can be corrected before something bigger happens.  

Enhanced Launch Support (previously maintenance, remote supplier) 

Support after the launch of automated equipment could make all the difference to successful adoption of new equipment. Robots and automated equipment take time to get used to and learn to work with. With enhanced launch support, the JR Automation team can teach your staff basic maintenance and troubleshooting skills needed to maintain your equipment. The team can continue to work with you on additional training needs as they come up.  

Parts Options 

Putting a focus on your parts inventory is helpful for considering your ROI. While you don’t want to have too much in stock, it is important to keep an in-house stock of parts for regular maintenance or for emergency repairs like a brake fix. Not only will having parts available save money on last-minute shipping costs but will save money from costly equipment downtimes while parts are searched for and shipped. We have many offerings, including initial provisioning packages (also known as spare parts packages).  

Purchasing automation equipment can be a significant investment for any organization. Getting the maximum life out of your systems will help you realize the full benefits automation can have on your operations. Our experienced Lifecycle Management team will partner with you to safeguard your investment and help you get the most ROI out of your equipment. Contact the JR Automation Lifecycle Management team today to learn more.