We're excited to announce that, effective 8/3/2021, we have united our five divisional brands – JR Automation, Esys Automation, Setpoint, FSA Technologies and PSB Technologies – under the singular corporate identity of JR Automation.

Our new global website unifies our technology offerings and expertise from each of our divisions into a single solution for customers, partners, and job seekers to learn more about who we are and what we do.

PSB Technologies

PSB Technologies works with multinational companies from various industries to help them achieve success through turnkey automation solutions, including medical devices and consumer electronics.
PSB Technologies
自成立以来,PSB Technologies的主要目标是发展与客户的长期关系,并帮助他们通过自动化取得成功。 多年来,我们为不同行业提供可靠、创新的自动化制造解决方案。
JR Automation和PSB Technologies
“收购这些业务将巩固JR Automation’s在创建自动化解决方案方面作为全球领导者的地位,使我们能够更好地满足所有客户,&rdquo的需求; JR Automation董事长兼首席执行官Mike DuBose表示: “除了增强我们在北美的业务之外,此次收购还将扩大JR’s在欧洲和亚洲的业务版图,进一步提高我们所服务终端市场和地理区域的多样化。 我们将我们的运营、客户关系和互补的专长领域结合起来,这将进一步促使我们成为工业自动化和机器人系统集成领域的全球领导者。”
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