We're excited to announce that, effective 8/3/2021, we have united our five divisional brands – JR Automation, Esys Automation, Setpoint, FSA Technologies and PSB Technologies – under the singular corporate identity of JR Automation.

Our new global website unifies our technology offerings and expertise from each of our divisions into a single solution for customers, partners, and job seekers to learn more about who we are and what we do.


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Our strength is our people. Together, our dedicated teams across North America, Europe, and Asia unite to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future, today.
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We’re actively searching for candidates with the skills, curiosity, and passion to bring innovative automation solutions to life.


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Help Lead the Automation industry

Help Lead the Automation industry
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Skilled Trade Careers

Skilled Trade Careers
在JR Automation,我们关注客户。 我们相互关照。 随着我们的成长,我们坚持自己的小企业根基,我们做的每件事都有个人、人性化的一面。 我们努力工作,我们一起努力。 我们追求共同利益和互利互惠。 我们鼓励雄心勃勃的想法,我们从不放弃,我们总是全力以赴。 面对严峻的挑战,好奇心、谦逊和决心有助于为我们所有人创造更美好的世界。 我们相信未来是光明的,因为我们正在一起建设未来。
A place you want to stay
We believe you should work for more than a paycheck - because there are just some things money can't buy. Things like an environment where people can learn, grow and thrive. Where people are proud of their work and take it seriously. Where people like and support each other. Where teams work together, celebrate success, and give back to their communities. These are the things that make for a satisfying career—and a meaningful life. Awarded a Top Workplace honor by the Detroit Free Press for 7 consecutive years, we stay committed to providing an environment where employees not only succeed but thrive. 


At JR Automation, we're always striving to provide and deliver more - for our customers and teammates alike. We invest in our people and offer a range of market-competitive benefits to support your wellbeing, whether financial, physical, or emotional.

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Our Values In Action

It looks a little different from team to team, but wherever you find JR Automation people around the world, you'll find people supporting each other, having fun, and giving back to their communities.

作为平等机会/积极行动(EEO/AA)雇主,JR Automation及其关联方不会因申请人的种族、肤色、性别、怀孕、国籍、血统、公民身份、性取向、性别认同或表达、受保护的遗传信息、年龄、残疾、婚姻状况、退伍军人状况、宗教、身高、体重、其他受保护的群体状况或受我们雇佣人员的法律保护的任何其他依据而在其雇佣实践中歧视申请人。

我们努力让所有用户都能访问这个网站。 如果您想就我们网站的可访问性与我们联系,或者在完成申请过程方面需要帮助,那么请将电子邮件发到[email protected],或者拨打1-833-333-7629。
Justin Barkel
Justin已经成为JR Automation团队的一员10年了
我喜欢每天跟我们共事的人——客户和同事。 这里的团队合作和同志情谊真的很特别。



我们一直在学习新的、更好的方法来满足客户不断变化的需求。  我们的跨职能团队跨行业共享知识,拥有更广泛、更 具创造性的问题解决技能。  我们将最新技术、创新思维和数十年专业经验应用到我们的工作中,为几乎每个全球行业的领导者设计定制自动化解决方案。