5 Trends from Automate 2023

JR Automation team at tradeshow booth


The largest automation show in North America wrapped up in Detroit, MI last week to a great success. Automate 2023 was busier than ever with more than 750 exhibitors, 200 speakers, and over 25,000 attendees. The show hall was buzzing with excitement and conversations around the latest and greatest in automation technology all week long!  

Here are some trends we noticed during our time at Automate. 


With the continuous issue of labor shortages, more companies and industries are introducing robots and automated solutions to their organizations. From warehousing and logistics to medical device assembly and electric vehicle manufacturing, the number of companies seeking automation solutions is growing significantly. From semi-automated systems through full scale automation there is opportunity for companies of all sizes. As the industry continues to evolve through digital solutions, increased motion controls, integrated vision systems, and more we are excited to see what the future of automation holds for businesses!  



Collaborative robots are more prevalent and will continue to see exponential growth in the coming years. Cobots boost productivity, can safely work in tandem with human beings, and are built for repetitious tasks. More robots are being paired with vision sensors or cameras than in past years and with the increase of AI, robots have more motion control and can visualize and detect patterns with more accuracy which is creating a safer environment for humans.


collaborative robots at a tradeshow

Today’s AGVs and AMRs can safely and efficiently move product throughout your facility, providing higher throughput than manual labor. We noticed a significant increase in AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) offerings to help fight the widening labor gap. Because AGVs and AMRs can work to keep your operations running consistently, you are now able to move your employees to higher value-added tasks. The safety that AGVs and AMRs provide was another focus at the show as safety becomes an even higher priority for many production facilities. 


display at a tradeshow booth

Many organizations we spoke to are looking for ways to invest in technology and software that can be integrated into their current machines or systems to make smarter, data driven decisions. Digital solutions make it possible for machines to be connected to cloud-based services for data readouts at any level of the production facility. Remote monitoring solutions allow issues to be caught early and can provide remote support before lengthy and costly downtimes happen.  

In addition, there was a great turnout for our VP of Digital Solutions, Mike Lashbrook’s presentation at the show on Monday morning regarding how companies can gauge their organizational readiness and overcome common challenges for a successful digital transformation. 

While automation may have started in the automotive industry, the use of it has spread into other areas. Whether there is a need to increase productivity, make an environment safer, or to produce a higher quality product, more industries are adopting the use of automation, including medical and life sciences, food and beverage, retail, construction, and agriculture.


Due to exciting growth, A3 Association has announced that Automate will now be a yearly show.  If you are looking to keep up with the demand for automation, you will not want to miss Automate 2024 in Chicago, Illinois May 6-9!