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Tie Rod vs. C-Frame Press

In the past, the C-frame press design made it easier to feed in products or change dies. The downside of the C-frame is deflection – where the frame will bend outward under the pressure of the load – which will cause deformities in your part and ultimately lead to inconsistent and erroneous parts. In our ammunition case manufacturing equipment, we need absolute precision and a lot of force. So we needed a better solution.

The result is the development of a modular H-frame frame press, also called tie rod frame press. The H-frame consists of blocks, tie-rods and spacers. With this press, we can achieve .001 shut height accuracy with 20 tons force, and due to its modular design, we can mount the press to an automated dial table and index parts through it. With the ability to run parts through an H-frame press, we can produce precision parts with high tonnage and minimal deflection in an automated application.



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