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Industrial Automation Examples

JR Automation is a global leader in industrial automation and robotics integration. We have decades of experience engineering and installing automation systems across many industries, including automotive manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, consumer products, and more. Learn about examples of automated systems in different industries below.

Filmless X-Ray Inspection Machine

We developed a non-destructive test and inspection machine using filmless x-ray technology. We integrated this automated testing system on a high-volume assembly line with complex equipment. Even in an already lean facility, the new system didn't have any problems. The result was reducing wasted floor space by 75%, combining two machines into one automated machine, and decreasing labor minutes per unit by 50%.

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Flexible Manufacturing Systems

A specific client needed a flexible torque station that would accommodate quick model changeovers and be able to be modified for future growth and development. JR Automation developed the nesting system so operators could swap models out in fewer than 30 seconds without needing any tools. The results were an autocycle rate of 3-5 seconds, 30-second tooling changeovers, and orientation part sensing.

Turnkey Automated Swage Machine

We developed a hydraulic tube swage machine that came with quick-change tooling, processed a wide range of bottle lengths, had a vision system verification of the final product, and positive head pressure that prevented pump cavitations. This swage machine had high overall efficiency and a cycle time of fewer than seven seconds per part. The swaging machine is another example of how custom automated machines can help increase efficiency and speed.

Lean Production Systems

JR Automation has many cases where lean automation and production were critical to the success of the project. In each system, we ensure that turn-key solutions can fit in as little space as possible while maintaining high quantity output and quality. Operators can do tooling changes quickly to ensure the systems are flexible. Examples of lean production systems include real-time radiography x-ray inspection systems and pyrotechnic powder loading and assembly machines.


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