Medical Automation

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

From drug discovery to delivery device development through to final packaging, we provide innovative assembly and process automation solutions for all phases of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our experienced teams of engineers work with you to design a custom solution that fits your needs.

The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly changing. With the rising demand for more personalized patient care, the medicines, drug delivery systems, and higher production demands are driving pharmaceutical companies to adapt and optimize their lines. The challenges to pharmaceutical manufacturers include meeting rigorous safety and FDA-validation standards. Processes must be fast, efficient, and accurate. The benefits of automation and process optimization in pharmaceutical manufacturing include streamlining tasks and improving performance, leading to benefits such as:


  • High throughput
  • Increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced changeover times
  • Quality consistency and improvements
  • Traceability and serialization
  • Digital monitoring and process control
  • Improved sterility
  • Optimized production cost

Medical CleanRoom

Challenges of developing and testing various pharmaceuticals and treatment products include the delicate chemistries and precise processing involved. These processes can be asynchronous, synchronous, continuous, or combinations of all, so it takes experience to know which is the right fit for a given application. Since the 1990s, we have been successfully helping pharmaceutical customers integrate automation into pharmaceutical manufacturing for drug discovery, process development, treatment products, vaccine development, drug processing systems, and FDA-validated automation for the delivery devices in aseptic/sterile conditions. Our customers have been able to boost their production throughput, improve safety and quality, and improve overall efficiency in their manufacturing facilities across the globe.

JR Automation provides FDA-validated pharmaceutical process systems, including aseptic/sterile, material handling with robotics — where applicable — along with related assembly systems for drug delivery devices. Our production systems include applications such as:

  • Diabetic monitoring devices and insulin treatment products
  • Vascular devices, including drug-coated
  • Robotic lab/drug discovery
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Artificial human tissue
  • Vaccine processing — human and animal
  • Biotechnology for arthritis and cancer treatment
  • In vitro/in ovo processing of chicken eggs 

The pharmaceutical industry produces millions of parts and products that must be carefully tracked and tested and must meet regulatory standards. JR Automation has developed process systems for various applications that include sterile medical devices, animal health products, and regenerative products that produce man-made human tissue safely and securely.


We have designed and integrated automation applications that include those requiring ISO cleanroom environments for high-volume manufacturing and products for delivery/drug handling and storage. Our vast background includes:
Diagnostic products
Rapid immunoassay
Infusion sets
Cannula assembly
Biochemical and cell-based drug discovery
Nuclear medicine
In vitro processing
Drug delivery systems
Nasal sprays
Injector pens
Pre-filled syringes
Transdermal patches
Gender-sorting eggs
Vaccine systems
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