Eyeglass Lens Molding Line
A flexible high-speed automation processing line had to be designed and built for the production of prescription optical eyeglass lens blanks. The solution had to produce lens blanks every 10 seconds, with a process time of less than one day, and the flexibility to handle up to 45,000 unique prescriptions.

The present manual process yielded a high variation in product quality, as well as a process time of almost two weeks per lens.

Technical Capabilities Involed:

  • plastics processing
  • assembly solutions
Eyeglass Lens Molding Line

JR Automation has developed a number of standard automation products that can easily be integrated with existing or custom builds to speed up development and reduce up-front costs. Examples include:


When speed to market is critical in today’s ultra-competitive global environment, the new FlexChassis™ modular automation platform minimizes up-front system concepting, design and build time and gives you unmatched flexibility for high-speed, high-volume assembly. 

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Standard Tray Loader Machine


The Standard Tray Loader increases production efficiency while keeping parts secure, all in a small footprint. Perfect for parts that cannot go through a vibratory feed, the Standard Tray Loader smoothly loads and unloads trays of a standardized size.





Rotary Indexer Platform #2Rotary Indexer Platform

The Rotary Indexer Platform can be custom tooled to accelerate project schedules in many industries. The Rotary Indexer Platform is a positioning device designed to maximize project performance. It is a cost-effective assembly base capable of adapting to applications across industries, with a concentration in healthcare, consumer products, and electronics.

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