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Goods to Person

When it comes to automation, there are many options for optimizing your ecommerce distribution center or warehouse. Goods-to-person systems can include autonomous mobile robots or automated guided vehicles, intelligent conveyor systems, pick-to-light systems, and more. This article will describe what goods-to-person automation is and how ecommerce distribution centers can improve their processes, including picking, receiving, storing, and shipping.

Goods to person is a modern approach to order fulfillment that integrates automated storage with precise, ergonomic picking operations. Stored items are delivered to the operator as needed for picking, reducing, or eliminating time spent traveling.

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Contained in a smaller footprint on your warehouse floor

Goods-to-person systems can vary by complexity and size. Goods-to-person systems can leverage robotics, conveyance, vision, or material handling and sorting solutions to transfer products to employees for receiving, picking, or packing. From receiving inventory and decanting items into trays or bins, moving items into storage, and picking stored items for packing and shipping these systems can yield an excellent boost in a distribution center’s efficiency and accuracy, including:

  1. Increasing throughput and reducing travel time — Inventory is brought to pick, pack, and sorting stations, sometimes via automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), so employees spend less time seeking products and more time fulfilling orders
  2. Increasing accuracy — Goods-to-person systems can include robotic sortation systems along with multiple verification points or poka-yokes that improve accuracy, increase throughput, and reduce errors
  3. Reducing floorspace — Your solution may contain robotics or vertical storage to increase throughput with your existing footprint, or maintain throughput within a smaller space 
  4. Being scalable and flexible — Suitable for small facilities or large warehouses, our solutions are designed to scale with our customer’s growth plans in mind

As consumer demand continues to grow, it’s essential for warehouses to implement clear efficiencies in picking processes. Reducing the time employees spend looking for items is a massive opportunity for boosting productivity and reducing time to ship. Automating or optimizing storage and picking processes can help a company become more competitive and support growing demand.


Goods-to-person systems can also increase accuracy in order fulfillment, as they are more precise than manual methods and can incorporate end-to-end item tracking, meaning no misplaced or mishandled products.

JR Automation is the leading automation integrator to help you plan, design, build, install, and support your goods-to-person solutions. We are one of the top integrators in North America with our robotics and material handling equipment expertise. Our experienced team can help you optimize your distribution space and processes with automated solutions tailored to your needs. Whether it's warehouse picking solutions or storage solutions, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

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