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Robotic palletizers and depalletizers efficiently automate labor- and time-intensive tasks within manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment applications. As demand increases for faster production and accurate fulfillment, depalletizer and palletizer automated solutions have become indispensable. JR Automation provides customers with our innovative platform of depalletizer and palletizer solutions for totes, cases, and pails that can run 24/7. Our expertise in four-axis and six-axis robotics, conveyance, gantry platforms, and vision can help you complete:

  • Automated wrapping or banding
  • Slip sheet handling
  • Label placement
  • Vision-Based pallet health checks


Depalletizing and palletizing automation benefits your business in several ways. Our customers have been able to increase efficiency and reliability throughout their e-commerce and manufacturing processes. By integrating depalletizers and palletizers in specific areas, our customers have been able to:

  • Reduce or even eliminate repetitive manual tasks
  • Increase output and line speed
  • Improve ergonomics
  • Automate product or label tracking


Using vision and artificial intelligence, JR Automation can create a custom robotics solution to adapt to heterogeneous parts and products. See our collaboration with FANUC America and Plus One Robotics below.

Random Mixed Depalletization with 3D Vision

Our platform includes developing and deploying closed cells for depalletizing and palletizing solutions. These solutions keep pallets undercover for increased safety and limit operator exposure and improve line speeds with rollup safety doors. Our closed-cell architecture designs are also available with multiple infeed and outfeed lanes to handle different products' shapes and sizes.



  • Multiple pallet bays for undercover pallet exchange
  • Rollup safety doors for limited operator exposure and increased robot speeds
  • Available with many infeed/outfeed lanes to handle different products

Closed Cell Architecture

Open Cell Architecture

Our open-cell depalletizer and palletizer designs increase flexibility and the number of pallets, and are configurable for your unique process. We've also created a safety system, so associates work safely across the cell from the palletizer robot.



  • Allows for maximum flexibility and number of pallets
  • Associates can safely exchange pallets on one side of the cell while the robot works on the other side with our Intelligent Safety System
  • Configurable for different combinations of pallet locations and input/output lanes

JR Automation's automated pallet exchange design transports pallets and totes from production to staging to fulfillment safely and securely. This design is ready to stack and de-stack your pallets, complete health checks, and alert you to anomalies. The pallet exchange is also configurable for multiple input and output lanes, so we can customize the design for your needs.



  • Automated pallet stacking or de-stacking
  • Optional pallet health checks
  • Configurable for multiple input and output lanes

Automated Pallet Exchange

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