E-Mobility Aftermarket Care and Support
As the e-mobility and electric vehicle market is likely to evolve, so are your needs. Our lifecycle management services can help future proof your investment to not only keep up with these changes, but also maintain or even improve the efficiency of your production automation. More importantly, we customize an aftermarket care plan to meet you where you’re at, so it can also change with you.
Digital Solutions for Automated Production Monitoring
A robust e-mobility production automation system demands an equally capable production monitoring solution. INGENOVA360 is a software suite that offers an unrivaled digital solution for automated production lines. With MES and SCADA functions, you can easily manage your labor and equipment while sidestepping many common production line problems.
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Lion Electric battery assembly line with robots
Lion Electric is a leader in urban transit and transport, producing zero-emissions electric vehicle solutions that are capable of making a huge impact in cities around the world. When demand for their products skyrocketed, the company realized that they needed to quickly scale up their manufacturing capabilities to  meet the demand. That meant ensuring that all levels of their implementation—the product, the process, the suppliers—were done right, on the first try. To solve the challenge, Lion Electric reached out to JR Automation.

Technical Capabilities Involed:

  • assembly solutions
  • robotics integration
  • software data integration
  • vision applications
  • dispense applications
Lion Electric battery assembly line with robots
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