Custom racing coasters deliver the riders and the market new and exciting features and an over-the-top experience unlike anything they have seen before. JR Automation’s Over the Top dueling coaster offers a vertical track design that delivers unrivaled family thrills with maneuvers not possible with standard track designs. This first-to-market experience with a dueling option provides theme parks and attractions with new opportunities to drive ticket sales.
Over the Top Amusement Features
Track design limits the track from being seen by guests, creating a more mysterious experience.
Supports 1.02-meter (40-inch) minimum passenger height, which offers an experience for riders of nearly every age group.Increased Audience
JR Automation engineered lighter vehicles and track weight that allows for two sets of the track to share one structure.
Vertical track and turn radii provide thrills and movement for the family demographic unmatched in the industry.
The articulating anova-track coaster chassis gives riders the sensations of flying free and competitive racing.
Over the Top Amusement Features
Over the Top Design

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