COVID-19 Manufacturing

Automated Systems For Manufacturing Critical COVID-19 Medical Supplies

Fighting COVID-19
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In response to the desperate need for critical COVID-19 medical supplies around the world, JR Automation is here to help. Our automated systems are engineered then built to manufacture essential protective equipment and medical devices, such as N95 masks, gowns, gloves, hospital beds, diagnostic testing kits and devices, and more. Our background includes experience with clean room environments, high-volume manufacturing, processes with a high degree of precision and repeatability, and more. We also have extensive experience with the certifications and validation processes required for the life sciences industry.
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Immediate Care Items

N95 masks
face shields
diagnostic test kits
bedding textiles
sanitary clothes
sterility systems
antiseptic wipes

Medium & Long Range Care Items

IV bags
blood drawing
blood testing
flu drugs
Validating Performance
In a fast-paced and heavily-regulated environment, validation ensures the performance of critical processes and systems. We design our services based on industry standards and regulations. Our validation procedures use a risk-based approach, eliminating redundant testing to focus on functionalities that could damage the quality of your finished product. We can approach the validation process using our own documented procedures or yours. As a result, you get customized solutions designed and tested to meet all your needs, your way.
Vaccine Potency Preparation and Testing
A customer required increased production and potency verification in order to meet rising product demand. The machine had to process plates to prepare for automated vision counting of plaques in order to determine batch potency.

Technical Capabilities Involed:

  • vision applications
  • software data integration
  • material handling solutions
  • inspection testing
  • dispense applications
Vaccine Potency Preparation and Testing
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Project Management
Delivering Results
Our Project Execution Process (PEP) uses a proprietary phase gate approach to managing and delivering automation solutions. This advanced methodology keeps our global teams in sync, improves project planning, enables effective scaling, and ensures we're always learning and improving from our experience. Applied alongside our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System, this process facilitates effective collaboration and keeps cross-functional product development data unified and integrated into downstream manufacturing systems. Bottom line: we have the people, processes, and systems in place to deliver excellence—every time.