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Vision Guided Robotics Flexible Feeding Machine

Vision Guided Robotics Flexible Feeding


Vision Guided Robotic Flexible Feeding allows for almost endless product line variations, eliminating the need for part-designated in-feed systems and machines.


JR developed a vision guided robotic flexible feeding cell, which can be integrated into any application, for any industry. The cell is able to seamlessly identify and transfer nearly endless part type variations.
Part changeover is a rapid selection on the HMI, or a quick change-out of the end of arm tooling.
Flex feeding components include:
• Robot
• Vision system
• Flex feeder package (including in-feed system and vibrating track)
• Robot end of arm tooling customized to part

outcomes and benefits

Easy to add on to any application, Quick and easy part changeover, Integrate into any industry
Easily Feed Part Variations Into Any Machine, For Any Industry

Vision Guided Robotics Flexible Feeding Machine
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Aerospace & Defense Automotive Battery & Energy Construction Consumer Products Ecommerce & Packaging Fibers & Textiles Food & Beverage Heavy Equipment Life Sciences
Technical Capabilities
Material Handling Solutions Robotics Integration Vision Applications
From the client
"JR can integrate flex feeding systems into assembly lines, stand-alone machines, and as upgrades to existing equipment, for any industry."
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