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Vaccine Potency Preparation and Testing

Vaccine Potency Preparation and Testing


A customer required increased production and potency verification in order to meet rising product demand. The machine had to process plates to prepare for automated vision counting of plaques in order to determine batch potency.


The team’s solution consists of cell preparation, sample titration and inoculation, staining of plates and quantization of foci of viral infection (plaques). Automated data processing of the test plate data is also integrated into the platform.

After incubation of cell media onto the plates, the platform allows automated processing for all process stages, which include:

  • Aspiration of excess cell media and depositing of stain into the plate
  • 30 minute dwell time for stain to penetrate the cell layer
  • Draining excess stain and washing the stained cell layer
  • Drying the stained plate
  • Counting plaques
  • Counting plaques on pre-stained plates, while bypassing the staining and washing functions

outcomes and benefits

Cycle rate of 12 plates per minute, Stain module aspirates cell culture media without disturbing plate surface or cell monolayer
Machine Processes Plates to Determine Vaccine Potency
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