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Solar Panel Test and Final Assembly Cell

Solar Panel Test and Final Assembly Cell


The goal was to design and build a final assembly and test system for solar panels. The system had to be able to adapt to different models with significantly different form factors. The data driven processes included diode cover, lid and leash install, generate and apply module label, and performance testing.


Indexing conveyors move panels through the system. Prior to each process, a 2D barcode is read to retrieve setup parameters particular for the model at hand from the factory server. Panels are loaded and unloaded from the performance/hi-pot/continuity tester using a six-axis robot. Upon successful completion, a good panel is placed on the output conveyor where two different labels are applied. A second vision-guided robot retrieves a diode cover, lid, and leash. While on the conveyor, the robot locates panel mounted junction boxes and determines where to place the retrieved components. The robot places four screws into the cover. Each is driven to a specific torque. A completed panel is passed to the manual inspection stations, which feature trunnions to rotate the panel for the operator’s final inspection.

outcomes and benefits

ODBC communications to factory server, Part tracking/data collection based on serial number, Grading of modules based on product matrix query from SSI server, Panel size verified through a sensor array, Cycle rate of over 60 parts per hour
Fast and Efficient Assembly and Testing of Variable Panels
Battery & Energy
Technical Capabilities
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