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SmartAttach - Industry 4.0 Ready Automated Machine


Oftentimes, enabling IIoT is not considered at the time of an automation or machine tool deign in the industry. SmartAttachTM is a leading edge-technology in terms of automation to install nut plates. The machine is Industry 4.0 ready off the shelf.


Solution architecture uses machine PLC communicating to a backend server via OPC UA and the front-end server providing real time machine health and performance monitoring dashboards as well as proving signals for the efficient process control on the machine. 

outcomes and benefits

Industry 4.0 was the design requirement for this machine that resulted into a fully Integrated architecture where the machine PLC is fully integrated with the IIoT platform resulting into seamless data flow from several machine sensors and devices.
SmartAttach - Industry 4.0 Ready Automated Machine
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