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Small Footprint Tray Loader

Small Footprint Tray Loader


The goal was to create a proven, small footprint tray loader that could be used in the absence of a vibratory feed. This design can be readily tooled for many industries with a concentration in the healthcare, consumer products, and electronics industries. This could be used for parts that cannot be vibratory fed.  Adaptability  provided through software teachable points and utilize independent, standard controls. This unit can be used for unloading trays or used as a buffer and will load parts into the trays.


We created a healthcare-industry-grade stainless steel smooth finish system with easy-wipe-down capability. Standard design meets Class 10,000/ISO 7 environments with specific attention to the containment of any particle generation. The system can be adapted for cleaner environments by adding the HEPA filtration option. Production rate delivers a pick and place Takt time of 3.5 seconds. The servo motions maximize cycle times while ensuring the parts remain securely in the trays. Parts are unloaded from the tray and loaded onto a buffer dial. The buffer dial allows the production machine to continue running while trays are exchanged. Tray exchange is under 14 seconds, but does not affect production rate.

outcomes and benefits

• A reject chute with removable collection box accommodates part purging
• Ample support in pick zone prevents trays from flexing during the pick process
• Designed for use with an optional buffer dial to interface between the tray loader and the next process
• Buffer nest available for use when tray exchange time is greater than buffer dial capacity, allowing next process equipment to pick from buffer nest until tray exchange is complete
Proven, Customizable Tray Loader Works Where Vibratory Feeds Don't
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