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SCADA Systems

SCADA Systems


Data collection after and during processes tracks progress, efficiency, and helps alert operators of issues. While working for an innovative customer, JR Automation renovated the company’s current data collection system. The network we designed was a unique version of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system which remotely monitors operation and controls through coded signals over communication channels.


The data collection issues ranged from isolated machine communications to operators collecting scattered clipboards. Advancements in industry 4.0 technology allowed JR to digitally connect machines throughout the customer’s company.

While doing this, the Software Integration Team also had to overcome a distance obstacle, since the production facility, corporate database, and SCADA server had to be in different states. JR had to connect multiple technical disciplines together to accomplish this task.

The team then interfaced with all levels of the customer’s team to integrate the new system with their entire organization.

With the JR team’s wide range of skills, we designed and connected a database, interface, and effective network for machines at all plant locations. Network engineers designed the network and subnets. Database architects allowed us to optimally store data within an oracle database. Software engineers designed the SCADA and data collection systems.

outcomes and benefits

As a company who produces cutting edge manufacturing equipment for many different industries, JR understood the importance of designing a system suitable for change and growth. After we completed the infrastructure for this system, and proved its functionality with the machines, we trained plant engineers on how to include additional machines for future use.
JR engineered the entire network, designed a scalable database system, and a built a scalable plant data collection and reporting system. The custom SCADA system designed and built by JR solved plant-wide data collection issues and created an automated reporting system. JR’s unique access to cross-disciplinary skill sets was fully utilized to successfully complete this project.
Custom Data Tracking System Reports on Machines Company-Wide
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