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Rotary Indexer Platform

Rotary Indexer Platform


The goal was to make an existing field-proven rotary indexer design customizable for many industries with a concentration in the healthcare, consumer products, and electronics industries. Adaptability was made possible through software teachable points and utilize independent and standard controls.


Healthcare-industry-grade stainless steel smooth finish with easy-wipe-down capability. Standard design meets Class 10,000/ISO 7 environments with specific attention to the containment of any particulate generation. Can be adapted for cleaner environments by adding HEPA filtration. The Rotary Indexer System is an eight-sided tabletop base frame enclosed by the upper frame and eight safety-interlocked polycarbonate doors. The doors can be heavily tinted for UV or vision applications, thus not requiring additional guarding. Polycarbonate panel below each door allows for custom tailoring for feeder/conveyor penetrations.

outcomes and benefits

• Table top and base plate supported by columns, allowing quick fabrication and custom loading considerations since additional columns can be added/located as needed
• Space for placement of robot or process controllers
• Common mounting system on the center non-rotating mounting plate for tooling
• Non-rotating center plate for mounting robots, ancillary equipment, and center column
• Two drive variations available for the ring indexer
Proven Machine can be Customized for Many Industries

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Automotive Battery & Energy Construction Consumer Products Ecommerce & Packaging Fibers & Textiles Food & Beverage Life Sciences
Technical Capabilities
Inspection & Testing Laser Applications Vision Applications Welding Applications
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