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Robot Synchronization

Robot Synchronization


Robots are programmed to perform the same tasks over and over again. Their precise movements allow for quality control and reliable results. However, traditional interfaces for programming and teaching robots require advanced knowledge and skills. Our customer approached us with a problem: sometimes robot points needed manual adjustments due to part variation, then those adjustments needed to be made on every robot in the machine, a process that resulted in a lot of downtime.


To solve this challenge, our Software Integration Team integrated the RoboSync platform. The RoboSync platform is a simple interface in which operators can touch up robot points and synchronize the touch ups across all robots in the system. This allows operators a greater level of control, without having to know robot programming. The platform enables operators to see the changes made to robot points and select to push the changes to other robots that run similar programs. By using this platform, machine operators can quickly touch up robot points and reduce the downtime required for the adjustments.

outcomes and benefits

The RoboSync platform includes a simple user interface to quickly adjust robot points. Operators then decide if the adjustments should be synchronized with any other robot in the system. By using the RoboSync platform, operators with no robot programming knowledge can make necessary adjustments and quickly synchronize those adjustments, limiting system downtime.
RoboSync Platform Limits Downtime with Quick, Easy Multi-Robot Synchronization
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