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PV Cell Solar Simulation Test System

PV Cell Solar Simulation Test System


Our customer needed a machine that could handle, test, and sort two different sizes of photovoltaic (PV) cells at a high throughput rate.


A robotic transfer device, with a vacuum end-effector, was used to load and unload the test nest and place graded parts in the appropriate output stack. To ensure that each cell was tested under the same temperature conditions, the staging nest and test nest were liquid chilled. An infrared temperature probe measured the actual cell temperature just prior to testing. Cell thickness data was also obtained. A color graphics display put up easy-to-read process trend data.

outcomes and benefits

Chilled cell test nest with infrared sensing probe for closed loop temperature control, Integrated cell thickness testing, SPC data collection, Cycle rate of 1500 parts per hour
Temperature Control Essential to Proper PV Cell Testing
Battery & Energy
Technical Capabilities
Inspection & Testing Robotics Integration Software & Data Integration
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