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Power Liftgate Laser Weld Station

Power Liftgate Laser Weld Station


The JR team had to develop a machine that used a laser to weld components of a liftgate actuator through its plastic outer-layer. The machine needed to accommodate three part types with minimal changeover. Complete cycle time for this machine, including operator load and unload, needed to be under 25 seconds.


The JR team incorporated a custom-designed LPKF laser welder to weld the plastic actuator components together. A laser weld head, controlled by a servo/ball-screw module and cylinder, used a high-power diode laser system to weld several key points on the liftgate actuator. A separate servo rotated the weld fixture in place, allowing the laser welder to provide accurate laser delivery to the circumference of the part.
The weld power and wavelength of this laser allowed the machine to weld through the outer plastic tube on the actuator, leaving no visible weld lines on the tube itself.
The station utilized minimal operator interaction, requiring just three simple tooling changeovers to accommodate the different part types. The machine was also designed to run two parts, at different points in their cycles, simultaneously.

outcomes and benefits

Created a custom-designed LPKF laser welder to suit our customer’s needs, Designed to run two parts simultaneously to save time, Automated unload process with integrated robot maintained high product rate while minimizing cycle time
Custom Laser Welder and Automatic Unload Keep Cycle Time Low
Technical Capabilities
Laser Applications Material Handling Solutions Plastics Processing Robotics Integration
From the client
Our innovative solution allowed the customer to maintain a high production rate while minimizing cycle time.
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