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Pellet Production System


A customer needed JR to concept, design, and build a machine that would double current animal growth hormone pellet production to meet increasing market demands. Special handling, cleanroom, and certain maintenance requirements had to be considered along with several packaging methods. Lastly, the customer anticipated further increased demand and wanted to be able to react to market fluctuations quickly.


The machine consisted of a rotary dial working in conjunction with clip and pellet vibratory feeders. Each of the ten lanes required a certain number of pellets, so the pellets were counted and moved towards a nest on the dial. A cam actuator activated the gate to the nest, while a cylinder with guiders inserted the pellets into the packaging clip. The clip containing the proper number of pellets was ejected from the nest onto a walking beam, which carried the clips through final inspection. The inspection system checked for properly filled clips and automated the final packaging processes. The team worked closely with the customer’s personnel to ensure that the new design would meet all their expectations, including stringent cleanroom requirements. To fulfill the requirement to handle increased demands quickly, the machine was designed to incorporate a second set of stations. Another facet of the design was the ready access of components for easy maintenance.

outcomes and benefits

Production output is up almost 70%. Since installation of the first system, the customer has purchased and implemented the second set of stations. The new system passed strict cleanroom regulations, fulfilled maintenance requirements, and surpassed expectations.
Pellet Packaging Machine Increases Production Output by Almost 70%
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