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Part Handling and Data Tracking Machine

Part Handling and Data Tracking


A leading medical device customer wanted to minimize operator errors in tracking part progress and the number of reject parts these errors were producing. They had previously used manual methods for handling and tracking processes, recording data by hand that included the part history, part location, and number of times the part had cycled through each production process. To solve the tracking issues, the JR team automated a part handling method and developed a data tracking system.


To automate part tracking, JR added barcode numbers to fixtures that hold the parts throughout production so that each part has a unique identifier for data tracking and part handling.
Barcodes with unique identifiers enable customized software to keep track of each part’s production history. The operator, transfer robot, and all production stations have barcode scanners that scan part barcodes to track part progress.
Each part type has unique production requirements. This individualized part processing is accomplished through customized end-of-arm tooling and barcode data. The part type data in the barcode enables the part handling robot to transfer each part as required. This machine can accommodate up to 84 different part types.
JR customized software to collect data and process the data into reports. Reports may be printed for different periods of time, but the software retains all part data since the machine’s first power-up. Currently, the system can track millions of parts.

outcomes and benefits

Utilizes barcodes to track part data, Incorporates unique part handling innovations, including customized end-of-arm tooling, Customized software collects data and processes that data into reports, Processes up to 84 different part variations
A Complete Overhaul from Manual to Automated Data Tracking
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From the client
"This machine can accommodate up to 84 different variations of the customer's part."
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