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Optical Processor Machine

Optical Processor


A large US semiconductor manufacturer needed to precisely align and seam weld a window structure to an optical processor substrate in a low humidity chamber that contained a precise mixture of helium and nitrogen gases.


After identifying the substrate type with a camera, a SCARA robot picks the substrate and places it on the alignment stage. After identifying the window type, the same robot picks the window and places it into an inspection system that scans for optical defects in the glass. Then, the robot adjusts the window position relative to the substrate with the assistance of a camera on a precisely mapped X/Y stage. Final alignment is held to a 10µm tolerance. The window and the substrate are clamped together and the robot releases the assembly to a second robot chamber where the assembly is seam welded on all four sides. The assembly is then leak tested.

outcomes and benefits

Vision guided robotics, Mapping of two linear stages using a grid plate to improve X/Y accuracy to 5µm, Capable of processing 34 different part types
Vision Guided Robots Perform Precise Tasks for Semiconductor Company
Battery & Energy
Technical Capabilities
Assembly Solutions Inspection & Testing Micro Precision Applications Welding Applications
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