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Operator Work Instruction and Work Monitoring - LMI

Operator Work Instruction and Work Monitoring - LMI


In any manufacturing and assembly process, operators and automation require combinations of scheduling, recipe management, work instructions and work execution monitoring to ensure first time, in-station quality. There is never better quality than when products are manufactured in sequence using the original operators, equipment and processes. In this case, our customer required JR Automation a fully functional system which would provide all of these functions.


For this equipment manufacturer, JR Automation utilized a proprietary MES application called LMI to provide this functionality. Utilizing LMI, JR Automation installed and fully integrated the LMI MES System, provided configuration for all recipes and work instructions, provided and installed all operator interface hardware and touch screen monitors to display work instructions and fully configured and commissioned the system.

outcomes and benefits

  • Visual and sequential operator work instructions guide operators through configured standardized work
  • Successful operation monitoring for torque, part assembly, part pick and work complete
  • Historical records created for traceability
  • Monitors integrated to processes, such as leak test and leak test results
  • Maintenance monitoring and screens for maintenance scheduling
Operator Work Instruction and Work Monitoring - LMI
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