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    The JR team needed to supply an insert molding solution. The solution had to deliver five different sets of components to overhead robots for loading into an injection molding machine while meeting other customer requirements:

  • Feed eight hours’ worth of bearings without using a vibratory system
  • Interface with two injection molding machines running independently of one another with multiple variants of product
  • Design an EOAT that could load and unload multiple components within a mold cavity
  • Integrate fenceless overhead safety zones


Our team developed a machine that integrated two injection molding machines with the ability to run the same part variants or different part variants simultaneously. To deliver the sets of components to the overhead robots, we developed an eight-foot part elevator. We worked with MK Conveyors to create a custom bi-flow conveyance system to bulk feed bearings for a capacity of eight hours. This system eliminated the risk of damage to the bearings that could have been caused by the traditional vibratory feeder system. We installed area scanners around the overhead robots and applied robot DCS zones, ensuring that any person working on a lift or otherwise around the overhead robots could not be harmed.

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Our team designed a dynamic EOAT with the ability to unload a molded part and load up to four new components into the mold all while remaining within the mold cavity. This allowed us to meet the cycle time requirement of 45 seconds while maximizing both the efficiency of the robot and the consistency of the injection molding machines. Molded parts were then either placed in a bushing press or onto the cleated conveyor. This allowed parts to cool while they were gently transferred down to the part unload station, ensuring no damage occurred to the newly molded parts.
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