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Micro Precision Force Measurement Platform

Micro Precision Force Measurement Platform


A US manufacturer supplying interconnect components to the semiconductor industry required an automated, contact force measurement system capable of measuring compression forces of very small devices on a 300mm substrate.

Scaling their products for the larger wafer size, the customer required an easily configurable system for testing thousands of measurements over a multitude of part types at a rate of up to 3,000 tests per hour, providing accurate force and height data.


To measure the device accurately, the system was required to measure forces between 0-30 grams over a 50µm compressed distance. The device height values had to be determined to within ±2.5µm over the entire 300mm envelope. To meet these requirements, the team designed a standard platform for testing the device. Features of the platform include:

  • Mapping of the XY axes using a glass reticle grid plate to improve XY accuracy
  • Automatic mapping of the Z axis to an optical flat to provide planar accuracy
  • Custom, low mass, air bearing Z-axis stage with voice coil servo motor and accelerometer utilizing servo system and feed-forward algorithms to precisely measure force and height
  • Automatic mapping of force constants within 0.019 N/mm
  • Automatic mapping of measured heights within 2.5µm

outcomes and benefits

XY axis travel of 300mm, XY accuracy of ±5µm and ±2°C, Z axis travel of 3mm, Z accuracy of ±2.5µm, Z repeatability is better than ±250nm, Force measurement is 0 – 0.3 Newtons at 2 mN resolution
Small Machine Measures Force with Great Precision
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