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Key Kitting Machine


A video game developer wanted to produce their own game controller, with a contract manufacturer doing the mass production.
We were approached to help automate the key production process. At least 11 types of keys were being produced. The requirement was to transfer these keys in groups of two or four onto a single tray. The key kitting machine would then pick the different keys and arrange them into a configuration on assembly trays for the assembly process.


Use of spider robots for high-speed and accurate pick and place of the keys, Each pick cycle averages 0.7s, Machine output of one assembly tray in 93 seconds, Flexibility to load output tray with group of two to four different key types, Vision system to assist in accurate loading and to check present of keys in the tray

outcomes and benefits

The outcome of the project was a key kitting machine comprising two to four kitting stations. The machine greatly reduced the assembly time for the game controller by first sorting and then arranging the required keys into the desired configuration as the different batches of keys were being produced.
Cooperation Between Automation Companies Brings Game Controller to Life
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