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High Throughput Piston Inspection

High Throughput Piston Inspection


Running one shift a day, with a throughput rate of 1,400 pistons an hour, it was not possible for the customer to conduct detailed quality inspections on all their products. Because of increased quality mandates from their end-users, a high-throughput inspection system was necessary to detect manufacturing defects.


Pistons enter the machine on a free-running conveyor. The pistons are flipped and fed into four different staging positions. An overhead gantry robot picks the parts and transfers them to four inspection spindles. Each spindle has its own Grafal patch and groove inspection camera. Inspection results are summarized on the camera. Upon inspection completion, the disposition of each part is relayed to the robot controller. The gantry robot picks the pistons and deposits them on to one of two conveyors—one for good parts, the other for bad parts. Good parts travel down a conveyor where an ink jet barcode is applied. The barcode is then validated with machine vision.

outcomes and benefits

• Six different applications, incorporated on 12 stand-alone vision systems, networked to a robot controller
• Telecentric optics and telecentric backlights
• 360° inspection of a piston’s ring groove and Grafal patch
• Groove inspection cameras acquire and process 180 images in 2.2 seconds
• Ring groove inspections can resolve an 80µm protrusion
Cameras Inspect All Pistons for Manufacturing Defects
Technical Capabilities
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