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Hearing Aid Assembly and Testing

Hearing Aid Assembly and Testing


A venture capital company with an exciting new intra-ear, disposable hearing aid had a design ready for mass marketing. With a targeted consumption rate of 5 million units per year, production rates needed to be fast. The problem was that the product design engineers were not experts in design-for-automation. Some redesign was needed.


The client partnered with our team, and over a six-month period prototypes were co-engineered for the most difficult to automate tasks. Some product changes were made. Most important, the testing gave the client the experience and confidence necessary to automate these techniques.

Due to the throughput requirements, some of the more challenging aspects of this project were the bulk feeding of large quantities of small parts and accommodating certain assembly processes that required much more dwell time than the 3.5 second cycle rate.

outcomes and benefits

• In-process testing of critical subcomponents
• Precision welding, soldering, dispensing, laser etching, and sealing operations on very small sub-assemblies
• Extensive sonic response testing prior to pack-out
• Birth certificate and data management
• Cycle rate of 3.5 seconds per assembly, for 5,000,000 assemblies per year
Prototyping and testing led to confidence necessary to automate processes
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