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Glucose Test Strips Assembly Line

Glucose Test Strips Assembly Line


The objective was to design and build a glucose test strip assembly line with continuously operating web platforms making use of metalized PET materials, while inspecting all products as they are being manufactured. Additionally, each test strip must be equipped with a built-in calibration code so that the patient does not have to enter a code into their meter.


Utilizing previously developed modules and integrating equipment from a strategic partnership with another automation company, the team created a solution that facilitated secondary operations and packaging. The test strips were presented in web form and transported through the following operations:

  • Automatic pay-off and splicing
  • Optically guided ablation of auto-calibration patter
  • Web punching of laminated material and lid
  • Vision inspection of auto-calibration pattern
  • Verification and creation of reject mark if necessary
  • Singulation of sensors
  • Rejection of individual sensors using reclaim station
  • Placement of sensors into primary packaging in selectable quantities
  • Checking weight of primary packaging
  • Print of 2D matrix on primary packaging with verification

outcomes and benefits

• Production rate of 2,000,000 glucose test strips per day
Continuously Operating Line Inspects All Two Million Test Strips Made Every Day
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