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Gender Sorting Machine

Gender Sort Machine


The challenge was to concept, design, and build a system to extract allantoic fluid from various size poultry eggs for gender assay purposes.  Previously, gender determination was usually accomplished manually by inspection of the young hatchling and was extremely difficult, costly, and sometimes inaccurate.


The system consists of three modules. Module one consists of two over/under conveyor systems, a dial, a reciprocating pick-and-place, and a sample tray indexer. In the first module, the allantoic sample is extracted from good eggs only and placed on a sample collection tray. Module two uses a camera to inspect the trays that hold the allantoic samples and to determine the gender of each egg. Here, a camera inspects different sections of the sample tray as the tray is being indexed. A bar code reader will read the label on the tray so that the database can associate the results of the visual inspection with the correct universal flat bar code label. In Module three, live eggs are injected with one of two vaccines, depending on the gender.

outcomes and benefits

The Gender Sort Machine is a successful innovative solution to a problem that previously had only been accomplished manually. The three-module machine handles two of the most common hatchery flats. Other hatchery tray designs can be incorporated in future models, if desired. Cost savings, data tracking, and accuracy are just three of the many benefits of this system.
Innovation Makes Gender Determination for Poultry Eggs Autmated and Efficient
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