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fueslage mini-riveting system

Fuselage Mini-Riveting System


Create a portable drilling and fastening machine for body skin panel and splice fastening to aircraft fuselage structural components. The automated system must apply and maintain a large, opposing force between skins and frame components while drilling and counter sinking a hole, and inserting and bucking the rivet takes place. The system must have an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.


The inner and outer fuselage tool positioners are designed to be modular, lightweight assemblies. Once attached to the airframe, the system has a horizontal traversing motion range of 60 inches. Datum pins are preinstalled on the airframe to allow the mobile systems to gain initial position information.

Hold-down, drilling, rivet insert, and bucking tools with force transducers, mounted on rails, install components onto the fuselage. The rails are located along the skin and the frame side of the fuselage. For local control, each mobile system features an industrial hardened PC. Each PC, via an Ethernet cable, is tethered to a central PC on a cart. After the receipt of job information from the factory network, the central PC orchestrates the job between the two tandem vehicles.

outcomes and benefits

• Sophisticated sensing, monitoring, and tracking capabilities
• Ironless high-torque, disc-shaped servo motors
• Strong, light-weight materials
Light-Weight and Strong, This Machine Rivets Components to Aircraft Fuselages
Aerospace & Defense
Technical Capabilities
Assembly Solutions Software & Data Integration
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