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Fuel Pump Endurance Bench


A major international manufacturer of earthmoving equipment asked us to design and build six machines to test pre-assembled fuel pumps. Each machine had to be capable of simultaneous testing. The machine design had to be durable enough to withstand cyclic loads, vibrations, and temperature requirements dictated by the customer, as well as having liquid-tight guarding and being easily moveable. In addition, all major machine components must be easily removed and replaced using only standard mechanic’s hand tools.


The Fuel Pump Endurance Bench machine was designed and built for testing and run in of variable displacement pumps (up to 35 cc/rev) in the R&D environment. The custom-built system consists of the various components required for the mounting of a high efficiency pump, the two 200 HP prime movers, and the extensive hydraulic system. The machine will test one or two pumps at a time, with the pumps being manually loaded and connected by the operator. The pump testing occurs in an enclosure that is isolated from the rest of the machine for oil containment. The machine is equipped with variable speed drives and hydraulic valving to simulate the “real” engine. The machine has a single oil tank, or reservoir, that provides lubrication and oil supply to the HEP pump.

outcomes and benefits

Simultaneous testing, durability of design, mobility, hydraulic oil containment, and ease of maintenance were customer goals that were met by the team of engineers with the Fuel Pump Endurance Bench. In addition, the six machines were built within the customer’s budget and within the project’s strict time constraints and have performed very reliably.
Custom-Built System Tests Endurance of Earthmover Fuel Pumps
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