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Friction Stir Welding Machine

Friction Stir Welding Case Study


In the automotive industry where fuel economy rules, a car’s mass is an important factor. It takes more energy to move a heavier vehicle. Every part of a car adds to its weight, so each step of the process must be examined closely.
The traditional welding process, for example, adds weight to the original material. Additionally, arc, MIG, and TIG welding use a lot of energy to produce the heat required; in some cases, the heat warps the part and ultimately wastes time, money, and material.


Friction Stir Welding (FSW) uses a solid-state process to join two facing surfaces. The softened metal is joined much like clay. Instead of turning the material to a molten state, FSW moves material into a plastic state, which completes the weld process using less heat than other welding methods. This process does not require any consumables since the weld tip does not wear out. It’s more manageable, predictable, and controllable. Friction stir welding performs welds of the highest quality and strength, and can even join dissimilar materials.
Through years of research and practice, the use of FSW has gained popularity and is now being used across multiple industries to create strong, seamless welds on structures—aluminum, for example—which require superior weld strength without a heat treatment.
At JR, FSW created components for an electric car out of aluminum. Since the product has no added weight, the end result is a lighter, more energy-efficient vehicle.

outcomes and benefits

No added weight to the final welded product, Uses less heat during the welding process, so there is less chance the part will warp, No consumables required, Welds dissimilar materials together
Produce Strong, Light Welds Without the Intense Heat
Technical Capabilities
Welding Applications
From the client
"Friction Stir Welding is used across multiple industries to create strong, seamless welds on structures."
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