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Freshness Indicator Tag Production System

Freshness Indicator Tag Production System


A customer required a system to make freshness indicator tags. The challenge was to design and build a solution that was able to continuously and ultrasonically weld together polypropylene webs, while simultaneously forming, filling, and sealing a pair of liquid pouches. The seal in the web pouches was required to be both hermetical and frangible.



This system constructs freshness indicator tags. The tags are produced in a continuous web, while being simultaneously filled with two special fluids. The solution came in the form of a machine that integrated common web-handling elements with ultrasonic welding technology. The tags were spaced three across on the web. Some welding technology had to be developed solely for this project, including developing a revolutionary new way of ultrasonically creating a continuous frangible weld. In addition to the web-handling and ultrasonic welding, sophisticated fluid distribution was integrated into the machine.

outcomes and benefits

The machine made 30 tags per second or 1,800 per minute. The integration effort successfully brought together web-handling, fluid distribution, frangible welding, and dry hermetic welding technologies.
Assembly System is "Certified Fresh"
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