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Lion Electric battery assembly line with robots

Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Assembly


Lion Electric is a leader in urban transit and transport, producing zero-emissions electric vehicle solutions that are capable of making a huge impact in cities around the world. When demand for their products skyrocketed, the company realized that they needed to quickly scale up their manufacturing capabilities to  meet the demand. That meant ensuring that all levels of their implementation—the product, the process, the suppliers—were done right, on the first try. To solve the challenge, Lion Electric reached out to JR Automation.


With an aggressive deadline for implementation, the Lion and JR Automation teams recognized that they would first have to conceptualize the end-to-end solution. To do so, JR Automation built a fully-functioning prototype system, using key automation elements that the final production system would require. This meant creating a solution capable of Hi Pot testing, adhesive application, pressing, lasers, welding and final testing, all while being flexible enough to be adjusted as the project’s scope evolved. 

Once the prototype system was delivering production-quality battery packs, the teams then scaled up the system in a matter of months to deliver a fully automated solution. Spanning multiple JR Automation production facilities, the full production system is a prime example of JR Automation’s ability to design complex, large-scale solutions for its customers.

outcomes and benefits

Not only did the collaboration deliver a first-class automation solution quickly and effectively, it also created a strong partnership between the two teams. By engaging JR Automation early in the development process, the Lion Electric team was able to gain key insights on how the product should be designed and produced. Together, the teams were able to craft a solution and avoid costly revisions down the line.

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"We chose JR Automation because it's a highly regarded machine integrator. Being backed by Hitachi expands the business portfolio and at the same time allows you to be supported in new ideas and new developments. It was fantastic working with the team here at JR Automation that is focused, dedicated, proud of their results. They feel part of the project. If you go and ask them, they are celebrating every time that we hit a milestone the same as anybody else. They are completely committed to this project. I find this to be probably the most relevant example of synergy in between two teams where you grab two pieces together, but the whole was 10 times bigger than the two pieces.”

-Diego Castro General Manager, Lion Electric
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